Sponsorship is an important source of income for an international conference. Sponsorship levels shall be Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze targeting various options such as student attendance, speaker participation or single events as preferred by sponsors. In addition, it was agreed by the LOC that only sponsors will be eligible for exhibition space during the conference to highlight their products or services.

It is the LOC’s aim to keep sponsorship simple and limit to the above levels. All sponsors shall clearly know what they get for their money. This will also ensure that administration of sponsorship and sponsors will be as straightforward as possible, flexibility enough to en-sure that the special needs of local or international sponsors are met.

The LOC is considering using more topical sponsorship levels descriptors such as South Africa’s big five or the elements of Earth-Water-Wind-Fire. This needs discussion with INAP/ICARD/IMWA to ensure that the sponsor expectations are considered.