Pre-conference technical tours

• 2-day tour to gold mines with mine water and ARD issues on a regional, industry and catchment scale
• 2-day tour to mine water treatment sites in the gold mining area
• 2-day tour to mine water sites in the coal mining area of Mpumalanga Province

Pre-conference short course
• Revised GARD Guide
• Best Practice Guidelines
• Open Pit and Underground Water Management
• Catchment Level Monitoring
• Passive and Active Treatment
• By-products Recovery and Recycling
• Funding Models for Mine Water Management
• Mine Closure

Each day will start with a keynote address (45 – 60 minutes) delivered to a plenary session by an invited keynote speaker. After the daily keynote address, 3 to 5 parallel sessions will start and each session will be introduced with a synthesis of the previous day’s presentations (10 – 15 minutes). When slots run out because there are not enough speakers or a speaker does not show up, a 15-minutes “meet and greet” session will be held, after which delegates will rotate to other tables.

On Tuesday, there will be a conference dinner including music and speeches by representatives of the organizing organisations will be given. In addition, IMWA’ “Mine Water and the Environment” best paper award will be presented.

Thursday, during the closing ceremony, the awards listed here under will be presented. Also, the next ICARD presentation and IMWA presentation will be given.
The LOC aims to conduct a paperless conference, with live Apps for the conference programme. For those without smartphones or tablets, the conference will supply tablets on a loan basis. They can also be used to make notes during the conference and delegates can save them online for later downloading. During registration, delegates will be asked if they want to be completely paperless, meaning they do not receive any paper at all. To ensure that the 11th ICARD is more “Africanised”, the LOC considers naming the conference rooms by typical South African commodities, and the conference themes by South African localities.

• best presentation award
• best poster award
• best exhibition award
• IMWA’s best student’s presentation award
• most engaged person award

Post-conference field trips

• A variety of different mining operations including coal, gold, platinum, diamonds, iron ore, base metals
• Innovative mine water treatment plants – biological sulphate reduction, desalination
• Catchment ARD and NRD management
• Large-scale mine water reclamation
• Mine closure and post-mining landscape remediation
• Tailings disposal
• Waste rock dump management and rehabilitation
• Working Underground Mine (possible Coal)
• Gold Reef City Underground Mine (Gold)
• Cullinan Underground Mine (Diamonds)
• 4-day post-conference field trip (including Nestor Mine, Palabora Mine, Kruger National Park)

2nd INAP Path Forward Symposium

In March 2012, at the 9th ICARD in Ottawa, a “Path Forward Symposium” covering the fol-lowing subjects was given:
• New innovative technologies
• Mine waste repository design,
• Innovative technologies to mitigate ARD,
• Recovery of values from mine water,
• Co-disposal of mine waste and tailings,
• Treatment of ARD legacy sites,
• Stakeholder communications and partnering,
• Effective ARD prediction,
• Integration of ARD management into mine planning and operations,
• Integration of ARD best practice for small miners.

ICARD 2018 aims in providing a platform for further discussing the subjects that were ad-dressed at the 9th ICARD and identifying what has been achieved since then.