The Water  Research  Commission  is  a  unique  funding  agency,  which  offers  financial, technical and managerial support to water research in South Africa. Its goal is to have highly  informed  water  decision-making  through  science  and  technology  at  all  levels,  in  all stakeholder groups, and innovative water solutions through research and development for South  Africa,  Africa  and  the  world.  The WRC’s mission is to be a  global  water  knowledge node and South Africa’s premier water knowledge centre active across the innovation value chain. This informs policy  and  decision  making, creates  new  products,  innovation  and  services for socio-economic development, develops human capital in the water science sector, empowers  communities  and reduces  poverty, supports  the  national  transformation  and  re-dress project, and develops sustainable  solutions and deepens  water research and development  in  South  Africa,  Africa  and  the  developing  world.  The WRC  undertakes  activities  to co-ordinate,  support  and  promote  fundamental  and  applied  research,  to  disseminate  new knowledge  and to transfer research into implementable  and/or commercialisable  products or processes.

It  is  evident  from  the  above  that  the  MWD  in  conjunction  with  WISA,  TUT,  WRC  and IMWA and its professional conference organisers, has the administrative resources, credentials and track record to successfully organise and host the 11th ICARD in South Africa. ICARD 2018 will therefore provide an excellent networking opportunity and forum for all relevant stakeholders in the ARD sector. This will create new opportunities for establishing and strengthening networks for in-formation sharing.