WISA is the largest water-related industry and scientific organisation in South Africa, consisting of 3200 members, four branches and 15 technical divisions, a number of which host disciplines relevant to ICARD.  In  addition  to  the  Mine  Water Division,  WISA  also  has  a Membrane  Technology  Division,  a  River  Basin  Management  Division,  Anaerobic  &  Sludge Processes  Division,  Water  Reuse  Division  and  an  Industrial  Water  Division.  Distribution channels  available  through  these  technical  Divisions  can  be  utilised  to  garner  support  for attendance of  the  11th  ICARD.  WISA,  in  conjunction  with  its  technical  Divisions,  regularly hosts  local  and  international  conferences  that  vary  in  size  from  500  up  to  4500  delegates, giving ICARD the  assurance that a well-honed infrastructure  already  exists  for successfully arranging the 11th ICARD.