While the track record of the South African ICARD 2018 consortium should leave no doubt in the ability to master the necessary administrative and organizational resources to host a successful 11th ICARD conference, South Africa also offers a number of unique advantages as a host, including the following:

  1. South Africa is a major international mining country and, as shown in the accompanying table, is either at the top or within the top five of most of the major minerals mined in the world.
  2. A conference in South Africa will provide delegates with the opportunity to visit some of the world’s premier mining locations, all of which can provide insights into dealing with ARD or neutral drainage issues. Visits can also be arranged to large full-scale biological sulphate reduction, membrane and limestone treatment plants for mine water as well as the world’s first zero discharge plant in eMalahleni.
  3. South Africa is a world leader in a number of technical areas that are of interest to ICARD, most notably, biological sulphate reduction technology, limestone and membrane treatment of mine water, integration of mine water management with catchment  or river basin management plans and large regional-scale mine water management studies.
  4. South Africa represents a cross-section of both ARD and NRD problems and can provide insights into the management of both.
  5. South Africa can guarantee the support of the South African mining industry and the regulators for the conference, ensuring a high base load of local delegates to complement the international delegates.
  6. The South African ICARD 2018 consortium encompasses over three decades of experience in hosting and organising conferences that specifically focus on mine water issues.