The International Mine Water Association with 800 international members, thereunder 50  corporate  members,  is  an  interdisciplinary  organization  focused  on  various  aspects  of mine water. These include hydrology, chemistry, biology, environmental aspects, potential reuse,  as  well  as  how  best  to  control it  through better  prediction,  management  and  treatment. Some members of IMWA are experts in specific branches of  the natural sciences and technology  and  conduct  research  that  is  directly  relevant  to  mine  water  problems.  Many others are practitioners, consultants and regulators who are interested in learning how the results of such research can be applied at specific sites. IMWA was founded in 1979 in Gra-nada, Spain as a result of interest shown at the “First International Mine Drainage Symposium”. Since then, IMWA has organized a Congress every three years and annual conferences and workshops on topical subjects.  These  have  included:  Hydrogeology  of  Coal  Basins; Mine  Water  and Pumping;  ACID Mine  Water;  First African Mine Water Symposium; Water Resources at Risk; Engineering in Karst; and Mine Water and the Environment. Membership in IMWA is open to everyone with an interest in mine water, and all members receive a subscription to the SCI listed journal “Mine Water and the Environment”. This journal attempts to bridge the gap between researchers and practitioners by only publishing research papers that  the  editors  believe  are  potentially  relevant  to  real-world  problems  and  case  studies submitted by  practitioners. The  field of  mine  water management continues to evolve, and there  are  still  many  open  issues,  both  on  the  theoretical  and  performance  levels.  IMWA provides a forum for an international discussion on a wide range of topics through its journal, annual meetings and social media.