While final decisions on the field trips and site visits will be made by the LOC in conjunction with the ISC, the South African 11th ICARD conference will host field trips and site visits along the following themes:

  • A variety of different mining operations including coal, gold, platinum, diamonds, iron ore and base metals
  • Innovative mine water treatment plants – biological sulphate reduction, desalination
  • Catchment-scale ARD and NRD management
  • Large-scale mine water reclamation
  • Mine closures and remediation
  • Tailings disposal
  • Waste rock dump management and rehabilitation
  • Working Underground Mine (possible Coal)
  • Gold Reef City Underground Mine (Gold)
  • Cullinan Underground Mine (Diamonds)
  • 4-day post-conference field trip (including Nestor Mine, Palabora Mine, Kruger National Park)

Field trips could range from half a day to one week, depending on demand. There will also be a combined tourist and technical post-conference field trip to Kruger National Park with visits to copper operations, old gold mines (Barberton and Pilgrim’s Rest), chrome, coal and new platinum operations. The proposed venue is also within 2 hours drive of the major gold, coal and platinum mining regions of South Africa as shown in the figure below.