The South African 11th ICARD consortium believes that hosting the 11th ICARD conference in South Africa provides the opportunity for ICARD to live up to its claim of being an International Conference. While ICARD conferences have previously been held in North America, Australia and Scandinavia, Africa has been excluded, despite its status as a premier mining continent. This bid by South Africa represents an opportunity for redress.

The South African 11th ICARD consortium has a strong and long track record of organising world-class international conferences of a size substantially larger than average ICARD conferences, with IMWA having a 35-year and the Mine Water Division a 20-year track record of organising successful mine water conferences.

South Africa and the proposed venue at “CSIR Convention Centre” have a long track record of flawlessly organising huge international events and conferences and providing the highest possible quality hotel accommodation and infrastructure for a successful confer-ence. South Africa provides an affordable destination for conferences and for tourism, and the Gauteng area proposed for this conference can be considered safe from a crime and security viewpoint. The fact that international conferences continue to be hosted in this area on an almost daily basis attests to this.

South Africa as an ICARD venue also affords ICARD delegates a first-hand opportunity to learn from the wealth of water management expertise that has been developed over decades in South Africa. We see a South African ICARD as being truly mutually beneficial affording African delegates easy access and exposure to international experts and interna-tional delegates acquaintance with South African experience and expertise.

There are few venues in the world that can offer the easy access to practically every major mineral being mined within several hours of the conference venue. An ICARD in South Africa will therefore truly be a conference that offers a unique opportunity to combine world-class technical expertise with direct access to mining in all its forms in a country that is hailed as a world-class yet affordable tourist destination.