Oral Presentations

🎓 student presentations

Adero, Nashon Juma*

🎓 Spatial Modelling of Impacts of Mining on Water Resources in Taita Taveta, Kenya

Åhlgren, Kristina*; Bäckström, Mattias

Leaching of U, V, Ni and Mo from Alum Shale Waste as a Function of Redox and pH – Suggestion for a Leaching method

Annandale, John George*; du Plessis, H Meiring; Tanner, Phil D; Burgess, Jo

Suitability of mine water for irrigation: a risk based, site-specific DSS

Aubé, Bernard*; Lamares, Moacir; Lone Sang, Stéphan

Pilot Optimisation of Sulphate Precipitation in the High-Density Sludge process

Baisley, Andrew; O’Kane, Michael*

A Summary of INAP’s Global Cover System Technical Design Guidance Document

Baldi, Franco*; Gallo, Michele

Bioprocess for Treatment of Water Containing Traces of Gold and Biogeneration of Gold Nanoparticles

Barnes, Samantha*; Bellin, James

Artificial Recharge Scheme for Hydraulic Gradient Reversal

Barnes, Samantha*; Martindale, Richard

Lifetime Assessment of an Operating Tailings Facility through Modelling of the Unsettled Tailings Layer

Becker, Megan*; Charikinya, Edson; Ntlhabane, Sithembiso; Voigt, Marcelene; Broadhurst, Jennifer; Harrison, Susan TL; Bradshaw, Dee

An Integrated Mineralogy-based Modelling Framework For The Simultaneous Assessment Of Plant Operational Parameters With Acid Rock Drainage Potential Of Tailings

Ben Ali, Houssem Eddine*; Neculita, Carmen Mihaela; Molson, John W.; Maqsoud, Abdelkabir; Zagury, Gérald J.

🎓 Performance of Passive Systems for Mine Drainage Treatment at High Salinity and Low Temperature

Bewsey, John Arthur*; Morton, Kym

The KNeW Process For AMD Recovery And Conversion To Saleable Fertilizers And Agricultural water.

Boland, Martin Paul*; Yohannes, Rezene; White, Jamie; Benghiat, Phil; Daley, Stuart

Integrated Numerical Model Development For Sustainable Management Of Mine Water In A Semi Arid Environment

Bongaerts, Jan Clemens*

Creating Value Added to Mine Water Treatment For Mine Operators

Bosman, Carin*

Unintended consequences when the law fails to properly consider scientific concepts and engineering principles – A Case Study from South Africa, where Landfill Regulations attempts to regulate Mining Waste

Bowell, Rob*

Assessment of Scordite Precipitation from Mine Waters

Bowell, Rob*; Sapsford, Devin

Geochemical assessment of Metal/Metalloid release by contrasting laboratory methods; The importance of secondary minerals

Broadhurst, Jennifer Lee*; Moyo, Annah; Amaral Filho, Juarez

Characterising the Environmental Risks of Coal Preparation Wastes: A Study of Fine Coal Slurry Waste and Discard from South African Collieries

Brown, Adrian*

Passive Mine-Water Treatment Using Crushed Concrete

Carvalho, Edgar*; Diamantino, Catarina

Environmental Remediation of the Old São Domingos Mining Area in the Iberian Pyrite Belt: Potential of valorization of mining wastes and acidic mine water

Castendyk, Devin*; Hill, Bryce; Filiatreault, Pierre; Straight, Brian; Alangari, Abdullah; Cote, Patrick; Leishman, William

Experiences with Autonomous Sampling of Pit Lakes in North America using Drone Aircraft and Drone Boats

Chiodza, Godknows Kudzai*; Fagan-Endres, Marijke; Harrison, Sue

Desulphurisation Of Fine Coal Waste Tailings Using Algal Lipids.

Christenson, Hana*; Pope, James; Craw, Dave; Johns, Justin; Newman, Nigel; Trumm, Dave

Characterisation of As geochemistry in mine tailings from a mesothermal Au deposit

Coetzee, Henk*

Reconstructing Historical Mine Water Management Practices for a Portion of the East Rand Gold Field, South Africa Using Long-Term Map and Image Time Series

Coetzee, Henk*; Ngobeni, David; Ledwaba, Lebogang; Wilson, Robert

Mapping Water Ingress Zones Using Airborne Electromagnetic Data in the East Rand Gold Field, South Africa

Crawford, Alexandra*; Banwart, Steven; Palumbo-Roe, Barbara; Nicolai, Jana

Modelling Rare Earth Element Recovery From An Ion Adsorption Clay

Crozier, Trevor*; Parent, Genevieve; Cook, Diana; Mann, Vanessa; Mendoza, Carl; Provost, Heather; Martin, Alan J.; Helsen, Jordi; Bain, Jeff; Blowes, David; Gaspar, Christopher; Russell, James

Permeable Reactive Barrier Feasibility Assessment at Goldcorp’s Red Lake Gold Mines: Hydrogeological, Geochemical and Geotechnical Design Considerations

Cukrowska, Ewa Maria*; Ochieng, Levi; Tutu, Hlanganani; Chimuka, Luke

Speciation Analysis of Colloidal Silica in Acidic Conditions

David, Katarina*; Timms, Wendy; Baker, Andy; McGeeney, Dayna

Water Sources to Support Swamp Ecosystems near Underground Mining Development

De Baere, Bart J. M.*; Dipple, Gregory M.; Day, Stephen J.

Acid Neutralization by Silicate Mineral Dissolution in Mine Waste

de los Hoyos, Camilo Raul*; Marrero, Diego Alejandro; Sitjá y Balbastro, Juan Martín; Declercq, Julien; Bowell, Robert John

Remediation Options For Wind-remobilised Pb-Zn Old Tailings: An Example From An 80-year Pb-Zn-Ag Mine in NW-Argentina

Declercq, Julien*; De Los Hoyos, Camilo; Tait, David; Bowell, Rob

The Challenges of Predictive Numerical Calculation within Hypersaline Brines: Examples from Lithium Brines

Deng, Jinxun*; Cheng, Hong; Xu, Ying; Zhou, Genmao; Li, Jianhua

Experimental Study of Removal of Organic Matters from Alkaline Uranium Leaching Solution with Ultrafiltration

Dent, Julia*; Williams, Martin; Draba, Bakary

Bespoke Field Columns To Assess Hexavalent Chromium Risk For Refinement Of Mine Closure Plans

Devoy, Cora Ann*; Wrong, Linda Ann; Collins, Kevin; Mathur, Shilika

Former Galmoy Mines Tailings Restoration Project

Diamantino, Catarina*; Carvalho, Edgar; Rodrigues, Sónia; Alvarenga, Paula; Cruz, Nuno

Pilot project for recovery of degraded soils in mining areas with biomass ash and organic waste in the framework of LIFE NoWaste Project: preliminary results of soil plots implementation and construction

Digges La Touche, Gareth*; Brookes, Freddy

Ecohydrology in Mine Water Studies

Dingley, Karen*

Assessing and Mitigating Risk to Mining – Can we “Future Proof” the Industry?

Do, Hao Hong*; Trinh, Viet Quoc; Frör, Oliver

The Economic Benefit Of Mine Water In Halong Peninsula, Vietnam

Dockrey, John*; Flather, David; Findlater, Laura; Jackson, Scott; Helsen, Jordi; Scott, James; Gjertsen, Jennie

Elevated Uranium and Arsenic Concentrations in Baseline Water Quality at the Coffee Gold Site and Implications for Mine Drainage

Drummond, Ashton Blake*; Hammond, Andrew Michael

Regional Mine Water Treatment Plant – Tolled Treatment Financial Analysis and Viability

Dumaresq, Charles*; Davies, Mike

Towards Sustainable Mining – Industry-led Leading Practices for Tailings Management

Duthe, Diana Mary; Chimhanda, Wadzanai*; Mlambo, Fundokhule; Kawali, Liisa

Unraveling the convoluted marbles of a Namibian Gold Mine

Duthe, Diana Mary; Chimhanda, Wadzanai; Kawali, Liisa*

Triple Bottom Line Assessment In Development Of Sustainable Dewatering Strategy For Namibian Mine

Ellerton, Jenny*; Muresan, Mihai; Zingelmann, Markus; Bittner, Arnold; Harck, Terry

Cumulative Groundwater Impact Of Mining In The Kalahari Manganese Field And The Need For A Strategic Environmental Assessment Approach

Eppink, Florian; Trumm, Dave*; Weber, Paul; Olds, William; Pope, James; Cavanagh, Jo

A Robust Cost Comparison of Active and Passive AMD Treatment in the Brunner Coal Measures in New Zealand

Eriksson, Nils*; Hjelmar, Ole; Rönnnblom-Pärson, Emma; Alakangas, Lena

Evaluation of the EU Methodology for Rehabilitating Closed and Abandoned Extractive Waste Facilities and the Adaptation of the Methodology within the Mining Industry to Manage Closed Sites

Eriksson, Nils*; Lidhage, Helena; Holmström, Henning; Rönnblom-Pärson, Emma; Alakangas, Lena

25 Years of Follow-up at the Flooded Tailings Management Facility at Stekenjokk, Northern Sweden

Ferguson, Paul*; Shaw, Shannon; Jones, David

Predicting Geochemical Source Terms – lessons learned from Faro, Mount Morgan, and Rum Jungle

Ferguson, Paul*; Wels, Christoph; Jones, David; Laurencont, Tania

Predicted (Post-Closure) Groundwater and Surface Water Quality Conditions at the former Rum Jungle mine site, Australia

Fourie, Petrus Johannes*; van Zweel, Karl Nicolaus

Numerical Modelling of Acid-Mine Drainage Generation from Tailings Dams and Calibration with Field Test Results

Fuhrmann, Leo*; Metschies, Thomas; van Berk, Wolfgang

🎓 Comparison of different reactive transport modeling approaches predicting the flooding of an ISL uranium mine

Gałuszka, Agnieszka*; Migaszewski, Zdzisław, Maksymilian

Extremely high levels of trace elements in aerial parts of plants naturally growing in the Wiśniówka acid mine drainage area (south-central Poland)

Garrick, Hollie*; Digges La Touche, Gareth; Girard, Romain; Hayes, Eoghan

Probabilistic Simulation of Snowmelt and Runoff at Mine Sites in Cold Climates

Gault, Andrew*; Harrington, Jim

Pilot Study of In Situ Biological Treatment at the Silver King Mine, Keno Hill, Yukon

Gautama, Rudy Sayoga*; Kusuma, Ginting Jalu; Pujiantoro, Eko; Wisnugroho, Pajar Hariadi

On The Spatial Variation of Rock Geochemical Characteristics in Coal Mining: Case Bukit Asam Coal Mine in South Sumatra, Indonesia

Gautama, Rudy Sayoga; Perkins, William*; Bird, Graham; Adjie, Wisjnoe; Moore, Oliver; Kusuma, Ginting Jalu; Badhurahman, Abie

Acid Mine Drainage in a Tropical Environment: A Case Study from Bukit Coal Mine Site in South Sumatra, Indonesia

Gebrekristos, Robel*; Trusler, Graham

Groundwater Modelling in Support of Post-Closure Acid Mine Drainage and Treatment Planning – Case Study

Gomez-Arias, Alba*; Castillo, Julio; van Heerden, Esta; Vermeulen, Danie

🎓 Neutralization of Acid Drainage and Concentration of Rare Earth Elements Using Carbonatites; Results from a Bench Scale Experiment

Govender-Ragubeer, Yageshni*

Are We Making Progress In The Treatment Of Acid Mine Drainage?

Green, Ros*; Lee, Steven; Kleiber, Chris

Strategies for Managing Chemically Reactive Mineral Waste at Rio Tinto Iron Ore Mines

Guseva, Olga*; Opitz, Alexander K. B.; Broadhurst, Jennifer L.; Harrison, Susan T. L.; Bradshaw, Dee J.; Becker, Megan

🎓 Quantifying Texture for Acid Rock Drainage Characterization

Hahn, Florian*; Ignacy, Roman; Bussmann, Gregor; Jagert, Felix; Bracke, Rolf

Reutilization Of Mine Water As A Heat Storage Medium In Abandoned Mines

Hällström, Lina*; Alakangas, Lena; Martinsson, Olof

🎓 Mobility of Metals (W, Be, Bi, Sn, Cu, Zn) in Historical Skarn Tailings, Yxsjöberg, Sweden

Hamai, Takaya*; Sato, Yuki; Kojima, Kazuhiro; Masaki, Yusei; Hayashi, Kentaro; Sowanaka, Masahiro; Masuda, Nobuyuki; Kobayashi, Mikio; Sakata, Takeshi

Pilot Scale Tests of Compact (Short Retention Time) Passive Treatment Process for Acid Mine Drainage Using Agri-Waste in Japan

Hamberg, Roger*; Maurice, Christian; Alakangas, Lena

🎓 The Formation Of Unsaturated Conditions Within Cemented Paste Backfill Mixtures- Effects On The Release Of Arsenic, Copper, Nickel and Zinc

Hammond, Andrew Michael*; Drummond, Ashton Blake

A Critical Review On The Performance of the Gypsum Precipitation Reactors on HIPRO® AMD Plants At EWRP, OWRP AND MWRP

Hammond, Andrew Michael*; Drummond, Ashton Blake

Producing High Quality Drinking Water from Mine Impacted Water At High Plant Recoveries Using Reverse Osmosis Membranes

Harck, Terry Richard*

Making Your Results Stick – Using General Likelihood Uncertainty Estimation (GLUE) In Water Quality Prediction From Coal Discard

Harrison, Susan Therese Largier; Slatter-Christie, Kerry*; Broadhurst, Jennifer L

Integrating Competing Water Needs of Mining and Mineral Processing with the Environment, Community and Economic Activity in a Mining-dominated Catchment

Helsen, Jordi*; Martin, Alan J.; Crozier, Trevor; Parent, Genevieve; Mann, Vanessa; Gaspar, Christopher; Russell, James

Permeable Reactive Barrier Feasibility Assessment at Goldcorp’s Red Lake Gold Mines: Validation of Seepage Flow Paths through Tracer Testwork

Herrell, Michael Keith*; Vandenberg, Jerry; Faithful, John; Hayward, April; Novy, Lukas

Influence of Probability Distribution Function Sampling Frequency on Stochastic Water Quality Model Predictions

Herrell, Michael Keith*; Vandenberg, Jerry; Faithful, John; Hayward, April; Novy, Lukas

Long-term Water Management of Saline Groundwater at the Ekati Diamond Mine

Hessler, Tomas*; Marias, Tynan; Huddy, Robert; van Hille, Robert J.; Harrison, Susan T.L

🎓 Evaluation Of Three Continuous Biological Sulfate Reducing Reactor Configurations With Varying Degrees Of Biomass Retention Supplemented With Lactate

Holland, Martin*; Witthueser, Kai Thorsten

Horizontal Scavenger Borehole System For Plume Containment

Hudson, Amy L*; Harley, Andrew; Richardson, Doc

Combining Predictive Modeling and a Full Scale Analog to Reduce Uncertainty

Hudson-Edwards, Karen Ann*; French, Megan; Guerrero Moreno, Elisa; Sedero, Christian; Edwards, Stephen John; Alem, Natalie; Zamora Echenique, Gerardo

Impact of Mining on the Lake Poopó Basin, Bolivian Altiplano: Lessons for Water Management in Semi-Arid Regions

Irwin, Robert; Caldwell, Robert John*

A Kinetic Investigation of Siderite Oxidation during Laboratory Neutralization Potential Determinations

Jackson, Laura Marie*; Parbhakar-Fox, Anita; Fox, Nathan; Cooke, David R; Harris, Anthony; Savinova, Ekaterina

🎓 Integration of hyperspectral analysis and mineral chemistry for geoenvironmental prediction at the Cadia East porphyry Au–Cu deposit, NSW, Australia

Jagert, Felix*; Hahn, Florian; Ignacy, Roman; Bussmann, Gregor; Bracke, Rolf

Mine Water Of Abandoned Coal Mines For Geothermal Heat Storage: Hydrogeochemical Modeling And Predictions

Jamieson, Heather E.*; Palmer, Michael J.; Schuh, Christopher E.; Bromstad, Mackenzie J.

The Influence of Legacy Arsenic Contamination from Gold Mining on Water Quality in the Yellowknife Area, Northwest Territories, Canada

Janneck, Eberhard*; Glombitza, Franz; Aubel, Tim; Schönherr, Petra; Palitzsch, Wolfram; Killenberg, Arvid; Schubert, Volker; Weber, Lutz

Utilization Of Iron Ochre – Making Auxiliary Water Treatment Materials From Mine Water Treatment Waste.

Janneck, Eberhard*; Hartsch, Jürgen; Kassahun, Andrea; Thürigen, Falk; Aubel, Tim; Paul, Michael

Design Of A Full Scale Water Treatment Facility For The Taboshar Uranium Legacy Site (Tajikistan)

Jarvis, Adam*; Davis, Jane; Orme, Patrick; Gandy, Catherine

Evaluating Metal Behaviour And Mine Water Treatment Benefits In Abandoned Mine Catchments With Variable Pollutant Load Inputs

Jensen, Soren Ross*; Clark, Cal; Noel, Marie-Christine; Foster, Jennifer

Mine Design for In-Situ Control of Selenium and Nitrate

Johnson, Brent C.*; Rohal, Pamela A.; Eary, L.E. (Ted)

Coupling PHREEQC with GoldSim for a More Dynamic Water Modeling Experience

Johnson, Raymond H.*; Tigar, Aaron; Morris, Sarah; Campbell, Sam; Tafoya, Kara; Bush, Richard; Frazier, William

Column Tests and Multilevel Well Geochemistry to Explain Contaminant Plume Persistence Issues Downgradient of a Former Uranium Mill Site

Kaasalainen, Hanna*; Alakangas, Lena; Lundberg, Paula

Leaching Behavior Of Previously Weathered Waste Rock Upon Transition From Oxic To Anoxic Conditions

Kachienga, Leonard*

🎓 Kinetics of petroleum oil biodegradation by a consortium of three protozoan isolates (Aspidisca sp., Trachelophyllum sp. and Peranema sp.)

Kassahun, Andrea*; Paul, Michael

Mine Water Tracer Substances for Biogeochemical Processes in Flooded Uranium Mines

Keller, Jason Mathew*; Banuelos, Jaime; Bunting, Lindsey; Milczarek, Mike; Lattin, Daniel; Moore, Scott; Zhan, Guosheng

Monitoring of Waste Rock Dump Surface Water Drainage and Channel Infiltration

Kennedy, Lizel*; Johnstone, Andrew Clifford

🎓 An Investigation Of Water Balances And Water Quality Evolution Of Four Coal Mine Pit Lakes In South Africa

Khayrulina, Elena*; Nikolai, Maksimovich; Anastasiya, Larionova

Natural and Anthropogenic Sources of Soluble Salts on the Territory of Potash Deposit (Russia)

Kluza, Anna; Evans, Lee*

Practical Applications of Groundwater Modelling for Dewatering Management in Open Pit and Underground Mining, Didipio, Philippines.

Koch, Christian*; Mazur, Kai; Brito, David; Braunschweig, Frank

Application Of A Coupled 3D-Hydrodynamic (MOHID) And Water Quality (PhreeqC) Model To Pit Lake Treatment Using Alkaline Solids And CO2

Kollias, Konstantinos*; Mylona, Evangelia; Adam, Katerina; Papassiopi, Nymphodora; Xenidis, Anthimos

Assessment Of Silica Coating As A Technique For The Control Of Acid Generation From Pyritic Tailings

Komulainen, Jere Johannes*; Vaittinen, Tiina; Picken, Päivi

Hydrogeological Bedrock Characterisation Based on Posiva FLow Log Measurement Data

Lamares, Moacir; Aubé, Bernard*; Lone Sang, Stéphan

A Pilot Comparison of Sulphate Removal Technologies at Neves-Corvo

Landers, Matt*; Maddocks, Greg; Forbes, Amanda; Nucifora, Candice; Jones, Jason; Mandaran, Kristian; Wilson, Ward; Stephen, Newman

Mount Isa Mines Rehabilitation Materials Sampling and Analysis Program for Closure Planning

Larsen, Morten Birch*; Jia, Yu; Joensen, Sigga

Use of Residues Generated from Construction and Fish Industries to Remediate Mine Drainage in Greenland

Laubrich, Jan*; Rosemann, Robert

Water management at the former uranium production tailings pond Helmsdorf

Lemière, Bruno; Jacob, Jérôme*; Baranger, Philippe; Bellenfant, Gaël

Geology, Genetic Processes And Their Consequences On Environmental Impacts At The Abandoned W Mine Of Enguialès, Aveyron, France

Liu, Weitao*; Zhao, Jiyuan; Meng, Xiangxi

A Model of Fully Coupled THM Environments to Predict Fault Water Inrush in Deep Mine

Long, Chazanne*; De Wit, Maarten; Coetzee, Henk

🎓 Hydrochemical Characterisation Of Mine Drainage Discharging Into The UNESCO Fossil Hominid Site Of South Africa

Lorentz, Simon Antony*; Imrie, Sheila; Desmet, Linda

Surface Water-Groundwater Interactions in Mine Waste Impact Assessment

Love, David*; Bezuidenhout, Nico; Lupankwa, Keretia

Understanding Acid Rock Drainage in the West African Shield

Lu, Jinky Leilanie Del Prado*

Ergonomic Risks among Small Scale Miners in the Philippines

Lu, Jinky Leilanie Del Prado*

Wastewater Monitoring and Chemical Mitigation in Large Scale Mining Industries in the Philippines

Lund, Mark Andrew*; Blanchette, Melanie Lise; Harkin, Colm

River Flow-through Improved Water Quality In An Acidic Pit Lake, But Is It A Sustainable Closure Option?

Makaula, Didi Xhanti*; Huddy, Robert; Fagan-Endres, Marijke; Harrison, Sue

A Flow-Through Biokinetic Test For Characterizing Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) Potential: Investigating Metabolic Activity On Pyrite-Bearing Waste Rock Surfaces In An Unsaturated Ore Bed

Maksimovich, Nikolai*; Khayrulina, Elena; Khmurchik, Vadim

Coal Basins and the Environment

Mamelkina, Maria*; Tuunila, Ritva; Sillanpää, Mika; Häkkinen, Antti

🎓 Continuous Electrocoagulation Process For Treatment Of Mining Waters

Man, Malcolm*; Sparrow, Ben

A Cradle to Grave Treatment Solution for Mine Waters

Mansel, Holger*; Büttcher, Heike

Modeling The Reduction Of Iron Loads From Lignite Mining Dump Groundwater To The Pleiße River Considering Land Use Changes

Marais, Tynan Steven*; Hessler, Tomas; Huddy, Robert John; Harrison, Susan Therese Largier; van Hille, Robert Paul

🎓 The Effect Of Temperature On The Kinetics Of Sulphate Reduction And Sulphide Oxidation In An Integrated Semi-Passive Bioprocess For Remediating Acid Rock Drainage

Maree, Johannes Philippus*; Mtombeni, Tabani

Brine treatment with ROC process for the Recovery of Drinking Water, Calcium Carbonate and Sodium Sulphate

Martin, Alan J.*; Helsen, Jordi; Crozier, Trevor; Parent, Genevieve; Paszkowski, Dawn; Mendoza, Carl; Provost, Heather; Gaspar, Christopher; Russell, James

Permeable Reactive Barrier Feasibility Assessment at Goldcorp’s Red Lake Gold Mines: Delineation of Groundwater Flow Paths and Contaminant Behaviour

Martin, Nicholas D.*; Gabora, Michael M.

Modeling Complex Mine Water Closure Challenges using a Coupled FEFLOW-Godsim Model

McDonald, Johann*; Lorentz, Simon

Vermiculite Covers on Mining Wastes in a Semi-Arid Environment in South Africa

Mei, Han*; Gradov, Dmitry; Laari, Arto; Koiranen, Tuomas

🎓 Design Aspects Of Air-Lift Reactor Hydrodynamics And Mass Transfer Performance

Metschies, Thomas*; van Berk, Wolfgang; Jenk, Ulf; Paul, Michael

Predicting natural attenuation for flooding of an ISL-uranium mine – potentials and limitations

Migaszewski, Zdzisław, Maksymilian*; Gałuszka, Agnieszka

Geologic and mineralogic implications for element and isotope signatures in the Wiśniówka acid mine drainage waters (south-central Poland)

Milczarek, Michael*; Keller, Jason; Hendrickx, Jan; Partey, Frederick; Geddis, Michael

High Resolution Estimates of Tailings Facility Evaporation Using Landsat Data

Mjonono, Donald*; Harrison, Sue; Kotsiopoulos, Athanasios

🎓 Development Of Co-Disposal Methods For Fine Coal Waste and Coal Discards To Facilitate The Prevention Of Acid Mine Drainage

Mokhahlane, Lehlohonolo*

🎓 Determination of acid rock drainage from underground coal gasification at a pilot plant in Majuba

Morton, Kym Lesley*

The Anatomy And Circulation Of Mine Water In Carbonatite Mines, Specifically Diamond Mines

Mosai, Alseno Kagiso*; Kotze, Izak; Chimuka, Luke; Cukrowska, Ewa; Tutu, Hlanganani

🎓 Development of Functionalised Zeolite for the Recovery of Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) from Aqueous Systems Impacted by Platinum Mining Activities

Motaung, Solly*; Wolkersdorfer, Christian; Kolesnikov, Andrei; Zvimba, John

🎓 Carbothermal Reduction of Calcium Sulphate by Various Carbon Based Reductants

Mountjoy, Keith*; Davidson, Scott

Reducing Long-term Residual Risks at Closure through Kinetic Testing at the New Afton Mine

Mountjoy, Keith*; Pharness, Chris

Effective Non-calcite Neutralization at the Bonanza Ledge Mine

Muedi, Khathutshelo Lilith*; Brink, Hendrik Gideon; Masindi, Vhahangwele; Maree, Johannes Philippus

🎓 Recovery of Al/Fe nanocomposites from acid mine drainage and their respective application in the removal of arsenic and chromium ions

Mwewa, Brian*; Ndlovu, Sehliselo; Simate, Geoffrey

A Study of the Effects of Types of Seeds on the Oxidation and Precipitation of Iron and Aluminium in the Recovery of Coagulants from Acid Mine Drainage

Naicker, Koovila*; Van Zyl, Albert; Barnard, Philip

Prediction of Seepage Quality from Coal Discard Facility in a Semi-Arid Climate

Nairn, Robert W.*; Shepherd, Nicholas L.; Danehy, Timothy; Neely, Cody

Aeration via Renewable Energies Improves Passive Treatment System Performance

Nappa, Marja*; Kiipula, Kaisa; Kyllönen, Hanna; Kaartinen, Tommi; Pajarre, Risto; Kangas, Petteri

Valorisation Of Effluent From Metal Recovery Plant

Neale, John William*; Gericke, Mariekie; Mühlbauer, Ritva

On-Site Pilot-Scale Demonstration of a Low-Cost Biological Process for the Treatment of High-Sulphate Mine Waters

Nicholson, Ronald Vincent*; Shaw, Sean; Barabash, Sarah; Stirling, Jim

Evaluation of Acid Rock Drainage Potential in a Retrospective Study 25 Years after Mine Closure: Acid Base Accounting Statistics are Not Sufficient

Nicholson, Ronald Vincent*; Skruch, Daniel; Amores, Derek; Barabash, Sarah; Napier, William; Cullen, Erin; Blanchard, Perry

Voisey’s Bay Nickel Mine: A unique approach to mine rock management in the 1990s with a follow-up assessment in 2017

Nigéus, Susanne Pia Teresia*; Maurice, Christian

Monitoring a Field Application of Green Liquor Dregs, a Paper Mill Residue, in a Sealing Layer on Top of Mine Waste

Nkansah-Boadu, Frank*; Hatam, Ido; Taylor, Jon; Baldwin, Susan

🎓 Bio-reduction of Selenium Oxyanions in the Presence of Nitrate in Neutral pH Coal Mining Influenced Water

Novhe, Ntshengedzeni Obed*; Yibas, Bisrat; Coetzee, Henk; Atanasova, Maria; Mashalane, Tlou Betty; Wolkersdorfer, Christian

Geochemistry and Mineralogy of Precipitates Formed During Passive Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage in Ermelo Coalfield, South Africa

Ntholi, Thakane*; de Wit, Maarten

Passive Underground Mine-water Purification System (PUMPS) : A conceptual geo-engineering model designed for the treatment and management of acid mine water in the Witwatersrand gold mines, South Africa

Nyström, Elsa*; Kaasalainen, Hanna; Alakangas, Lena

🎓 Origin And Fate Of Trace Elements During Leaching Of Pyritic Waste Rock Covered With Alkaline Material

O’Hara, Emily Pia*

Overcoming Challenges During Freshet 2017 at Highland Valley Copper

O’Kane, Michael*; Pearce, Steve; Pearce, Josh; Weber, Paul

Addressing ML-ARD Risk – Can we make better use of the Neutralization Potential Ratio?

Onnis, Patrizia*; Byrne, Patrick; Hudson-Edwards, Karen A.; Stott, Tim; Hunt, Christopher

Source Apportionment of Trace Metals Over a Range of Stream Flows Using a Multi-method Tracer Approach

Onnis, Patrizia*; Byrne, Patrick; Hudson-Edwards, Karen A.; Stott, Tim; Hunt, Christopher

Characterising the Nano- to Micro-scale Metal-bearing Phases for Developing Efficient Remediation Strategy

Oosthuizen, Adriaan*

Identifying And Quantifying Latent Environmental Risks Associated with Underground Mine Failures

Opitz, Alexander*; Broadhurst, Jennifer; Harrison, Susan; Bradshaw, Dee; Becker, Megan

🎓 Understanding Sample Mineralogy As A Tool For Acid Rock Drainage Characterisation

Oyewo, Opeyemi Alice*; Wolkersdorfer, Christian; Onyango, Maurice S.

Lanthanides Removal from Mine Water with Nano-sized Banana Peels

Papini, Gerry*; Gossen, Jake; Choi, Mike; Pierce, Ben

Consideration of Metal-Attenuation in Groundwater Quality Prediction

Parbhakar-Fox, Anita*; Cracknell, Matthew; Jackson, Laura; Savinova, Ekaterina

Automated Acid Rock Drainage Indexing From Drill Core Imagery

Parbhakar-Fox, Anita*; Fox, Nathan; Ferguson, Tony; Hill, Roger; Maynard, Ben

Dissection of the NAG pH Test: Tracking Efficacy Through Examining Reaction Products

Pearce, Joshua Ian*; Pearce, Steven; Marton, Richard

Evolving standard kinetic testing methods to incorporate key dynamic WRD parameters

Petschel, Brendan Emil*; Drummond, Ashton

A Review of Brine Treatment Technologies for MIW Treatment Plants

Pieters, Roger*; Huang, Alex; Hasanloo, Davood; Lawrence, Gregory A.

Managing Stratification In Mine Pit-Lakes: Risks And Opportunities

Pollard, Ian Timothy; Van Der Walt, Jeremia Jesaja*

Lonmin Integrated Water Resource Management System

Pope, James*; Christenson, Hannah; Gordon, Kerry; Nigel, Newman; Trumm, Dave

Wall Wash Samples to Predict AMD Longevity at Coal Mines in New Zealand

Pouliot, Sandra*; Bussière, Bruno; Dagenais, Anne-Marie; Wilson, Ward; Letourneau, Yanick

Evaluation of the Use of Paste Rock as Cover Material in Mine Reclamation

Puhalovich, Alan Anton*

Critical Importance of Conceptual Model Development When Assessing Mine Impacts on Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems: Case Study of an Australian Mine Development

Pylkkänen, Juhani; Johansson, Tommi*

IroxFlotation – Novel Technology for Removal of Iron from Water

Ramakuela, Mashudu; Adeniyi, Amos*; Onyango, Maurice Stephen; Mbaya, Richard

🎓 Performance Evaluation of Orange Peels as Anti-scaling Agent for Pretreatment of Water

Robertson, Alan McLeod*; Maddocks, Greg Arthur; Kelly, Ben; Sheppard, Ian

Application of a Coal Seam Gas Waste Product as part of the Rehabilitation Program for a Copper Heap Leach Operation

Robertson, Lindsay Anne*; Durocher, Jennifer Lee

Laboratory Simulated Tailings Drain Seepage Columns: Flooded and Free-Draining Conditions

Robertson, Lindsay Anne; Durocher, Jennifer Lee*

The Weathering of Smelter Slag Under Near Neutral and Acidic Conditions

Roetting, Tobias S*; Dent, Julia; Reyes, Rene

Life-of-mine Water Management And Treatment Strategies

Rudman, Alyson*; Brabham, Peter; Jones, Tim; Bowell, Rob J

Performance and Review of Passive Treatment Wetlands, Pelenna Valley, Wales

Ruhland, Grit*

🎓 What Art Can Tell About Modified Environmental Systems

Rykaart, Maritz*

Establishing an Appropriate and Practical Design Basis for Mine Waste Covers

Rykaart, Maritz*; Miskolczi, Iozsef

Communicating Uncertainty in Modeling Performance of Mine Waste Covers

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Managing Uncertainty In Planning Opencast Coal Mine Final Void Closure And Relinquishment

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Enhanced Contaminant Polishing Within Aerobic Vertical Flow Treatment Systems: Co-removal With Iron And Manganese

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Remediation of Historic Waste Rock by Injection of Green Liquor Dregs – Results From a Field Scale Trial, Gladhammar, Southern Sweden

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A novel sampling technique using a sediment collector (SECO) to collect particles from suspended matter in mine water with regard to long term monitoring

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Assessing the Biogeochemical Behavior of Sulphidic Mine Tailings Through Kinetic Tests with Integrated Metagenomic Analyses

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🎓 The Effects of Castor canadensis (North American Beaver) Colonization on a Mine Drainage Impacted Stream

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Determination Of The Hydrodynamics In The Western Pool Of The Abandoned Witwatersrand Underground Mines Using An Analogue Mine Water Model

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Exploring an alternative approach to mine waste management in the South African gold sector

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Nitrogen Leaching From Explosives Into Mine Water Of An Underground Mine

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🎓 Engineering Considerations Relating To The Re-Established Of A Wetland On Rehabilitated Opencast Mine Backfill Material

Skinner, Sarah Jane Wolfe*

Platinum Tailings Review – A comparison of the water quality in the tailings dam to the surrounding groundwater

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Re-purposing Acid Generating Fine Coal Waste: An Assessment And Analysis Of Opportunities

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🎓 Temporal Variability and Gas Transport Rates in Waste Rock

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Taking Block Models Beyond Pure Resource Planning

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Practical Approaches for Constructing site-wide integrated Water Balance and Water Quality Models

Swanson, Sophie*; Stokes, Christian; Breckenridge, Larry

Advanced Genetic Sequencing Methods for Climate Data Analysis: a Novel Approach to Expanding and Understanding Climate Datasets

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Groundwater Flow Model in the Area of the Extensive Open Pits Lignite Mining Activities

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Adsorption And Desorption Of Metals Onto Reusable Adsorbent

Taylor, Jeff; Stimpfl, Marilena*

A Growing Understanding of the Impacts of Acid and Metalliferous Drainage

Thorpe, Mark*

From Start-Up to Operations: Adaptive Water Management at the Torex Gold ELG Mine in Guerrero, Mexico

Totsche, Oliver*; Lucke, Beate; Benthaus, Friedrich-Carl

In-Lake Neutralization Of Mine Lakes – 15 Years Of Continuous Development

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Applying material flow analysis to identify the potential of recycling and reusing mine water in the Halong Peninsula, Vietnam

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Treatment of Very High Mn Concentrations From TSF-leachate at Waihi Gold Mine, New Zealand by Two Methods: A Limestone Leaching Bed and a Slag Leaching Bed

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An Integrated Approach to Geochemical Characterisation using Laboratory- and Field-Scale Testing

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Development of a Technical Concept of Spatial and Temporal Coordinated Mine Water Recycling Exemplified by a Mining Area with Urban Influence

Vaezihir, Abdorreza*; Safari, Fatemeh; Javani, Hossein; Mazaheri, Nader

The efficiency of open lime-zeolite channel system in treatment of Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) released from Sungun copper mine

Valente, Teresa Maria*; Gomes, Patricia; Sequeira Braga, Maria Amália

Mineralogical Control of Arsenic Mobility Associated to The Evolution of Acid Mine Drainage Solutions

van Blomestein, Bradley*

Frequency Domain Electromagnetic Surveys, their interpretation and effectiveness for determining flow paths and acid and metalliferous drainage in waste rock dumps in Northern Queensland

Van der Walt, Mias*; Van Der Merwe, Hayley

Water Reuse In The Mining Industry – A Resource, Fnancial And Socio-Economic Imperative.

van Hille, Robert Paul*; Opitz, Alexander; Harrison, Susan Therese Largier; Broadhurst, Jennifer

Evaluation of Two Short-term Kinetic Tests for Characterising Mine Waste Material

van Hille, Robert Paul*; Rossouw, Sean; Sheridan, Craig

Application of Cellulosic Biomass to Drive a Semi-Passive ARD Treatment Process: Laboratory and Pilot Scale Studies

Van Tol, Johan*; Lorentz, Simon

The Application of Hydropedology Surveys to Quantify Near-Surface Impacts from Mining Waste

van Zyl, Albertus Johannes*; Fourie, Petrus Johannes

Design of Resilient Long-term Functional Covers to Achieve Groundwater Quality Criteria for Mpumalanga Coalfields of South Africa

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Risk-based Modelling of Soil Cover for Rehabilitation Planning of Coal Discard Facility in South Africa to Achieve Groundwater Quality Criteria

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Geochemical pathways of contaminants through weathering of uranium tailings: an example from semi-arid climatic zone of Australia

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Viability Of Converting A South African Coal Mining Pit Lake System Into A Water Storage Facility

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Microbial-mediated Ni and Co recovery from mine tailings

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Facing challenges of closure boom of Permo-Carboniferous underground coalmines in North China: a medium-size hydrogeochemical simulation experiment

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🎓 The hydrogeochemical evolution of Acid Rock Drainage during surface and groundwater flow from a contaminated water storage facility at BHP’s Mt Whaleback Mine: The first chapter

Waterhouse, John Douglass*

Models And Measurements – Some Thoughts On Managing Mine Dewatering and depressurisation

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Opportunities and Obstacles for Geochemical Modelling – Examples and Lessons Learned

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Onsite Geochemical Kinetic Testing of Waste Rock – Comparing Two Case Studies: An Operating Copper Mine in Zambia – Lumwana; and an Advanced Exploration Gold Deposit in Northern Ireland – Curraghinalt

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Electrobiological Reduction for Low Level Selenium Removal from Mine Water and Reverse Osmosis Brine

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Diavik Waste Rock Project: A mechanistic approach to the prediction of the geochemical evolution of sulfidic waste rock

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Salt dilution flow measurement in the Tweelopiespruit rivulet, Witwatersrand, South Africa.

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Long Term Effectiveness of an Adit Plug – Passive Treatment for Adit Discharge in a Northern Climate

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Adaptive Mine Water Treatment: Modelling To Long-term Management

Zielke-Olivier, Josepha Simone Doris Renate*; Vermeulen, Danie

🎓 An Integrated Approach To Evaluate The Hydrogeological Setting Around A Water-filled Quarry In A Mining Environment

Poster Presentations

Amaral Filho, Juarez; Firpo, Beatriz; Broadhurst, Jennifer; Harrison, Sue*

Fabricated soils using South African coal processing waste

Aubel, Tim*; Kober, Eugen; Janneck, Eberhard

Use Of Ceramic Nanofiltration Membranes With High Specific Surfaces For The Processing Of Bio-Leachate And The Treatment Of Saline Mine Water

Bachurin, Boris Alexsandrovich*

Organic Matter Of Mine Water And Mining Waste

Bai, Haibo*; Li, Hao; Ma, Dan; Du, Bin

Occurrence of Coal Seam as Main Aquifer

Banga, Chantal Mbala*; Wolkersdorfer, Christian; Klingelhöfer, Heinz Eckart

🎓 Implementing Sustainability Management Accounting Techniques for the Effective Management of Acid Rock Drainage

Barabash, Sarah*; Fraser, Brian Gordon

Environmental Risk Assessment as a Guide for Mine Closure and Reclamation

Braghiroli, Flavia Lega*; Bouafif, Hassine; Neculita, Carmen Mihaela; Koubaa, Ahmed

Activated Biochars from Wood Residues for the Sorption of Metallic Contaminants in Mining Effluents

Brookes, Freddy*

Biodiversity and Bioaccumulation, Key Concepts for Mine Water Impact Assessment and Remediation

Burke, Jacqueline*

The Influence of Water Use Licences on Mine Water Management

Carvalho, Edgar*; Diamantino, Catarina; Lobarinhas, Daniela

Potential recovery of mineral resources from mining tailings of abandoned mines in Portugal – ENVIREE Project results

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Sinkhole Development on Mine Flooding

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Mine Waste and Mining in Marine Environments

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Coal Mine Water Hazard Accurate Detection and Efficient Control Technology

du Preez, Kerri*; Gericke, Mariekie; Maharajh, Dheepak

The Impact of Sulphide Concentration on Microbial Activity in a Biological Sulphate Reduction Process

Dy, Eben; Xie, Zhong*; Qu, Wei; Liu, Simon; Tufa, Kidus; O’Hearn, Tim

Three Phase Boundary of Sulfide Oxidation

Eckart, Michael*; Chayka, Artem; Kories, Holger

Measures For Control Of River Salinization Caused By Mining Operations; A Case Study From The Kriwoi Rog Iron Ore Mining Area

Eger, Paul*; Jones, Peggy; Green, Doug

Got Metals? – A New Approach to Passive Treatment of Mine Drainage Using Peat Sorption Media

Fernández-Rubio, Rafael*; Fernández González, Jesús; Lorca Fernández, David

Floating System of Helophytes in Constructed Wetlands for Treatment of Mine Drainage Waters

Forbes, Emma*; Trumm, Dave; Bell, David; Pope, James

🎓 Comparison Of Diversion Well Substrates For The Treatment Of Acid Mine Drainage, Bellvue Mine, West Coast, New Zealand

Fosso-Kankeu, Elvis*; Redelinghuys, Johannes

Bacterial ecology of biofilms sustaining pollution by acid mine drainage near mining areas in Mpumalanga Province – South Africa

Foudhaili, Takoua*; Rakotonimaro, Tsiverihasina Vavaka; Babi, Khadija; Lefebvre, Olivier P.; Neculita, Carmen Mihaela

🎓 Comparative Efficiency of Electrocoagulation and Microbial Fuel Cells for the Treatment of Iron-Rich Contaminated Acid Mine Drainage

Frau, Ilaria*; Korostynska, Olga; Byrne, Patrick; Mason, Alex

New Sensing System Based on Electromagnetic Waves and F-IDE Sensors for Continuous Monitoring of Zn in Freshwater

Germishuizen, Charné*; Bonner, Ricky; Franzsen, Sebastian

Brine Residuals Management – An Investigation Into Gypsum Storage

Goodman, William Mario*; Van Dyk, Deon; Grobler, Nico; Osborne, Antony

Water Ingress Mitigation Programs for Underground Mines: Geochemical and Rock Mechanical Demands on Grout Properties

Grewar, Tamsyn*

Reuse Of Treated Mine-Impacted Water As A Potential Resource For Accelerated Carbon Sequestration

Gumbo, Jabulani*; Mulaisi, RP; Dacosta, FA

Reducing Sulphate, Heavy Metal Precipitation and Increasing pH: a Combination of Banana fruit waste and Acidic Mine Tailings

Hijamutiti, Michelle*; Jones, Dr. Tim; Bowell, Dr. Rob; Bérubé, Dr. Kelly

🎓 Dust characterization around the Uis Tin workings, Namibia

K.J., Masemula; W.M., Gitari; Gumbo, Jabulani*

Defluoridation of groundwater using Mn2+/Al3+ oxides modified Mukondeni black clay soil

King, Karen Nicole; Lottreaux, Gareth*

Yanfolila Gold Mine Open Pit Slope Depressurisation, Mali

Lahdenperä, Esko*; Koiranen, Tuomas

Effects Of Variable Feeds In Wastewater Plants by Means Of Process Simulation

Lewis, Richard; Pollock, Ross; Roetting, Tobias S*; Dent, Julia

Calcium Polysulphide Injection System For Treatment Of Cr(VI)

Lian, Huiqing*; Liu, Demin; Yin, Shanxian

Impact of Pit Water in Subside Area on Mine Gushing Water in Tanshan Mine

Lian, Huiqing*; Yin, Shangxian; Liu, Demin

Study on Potential Hydraulic Connection of Pit Water and Mine Gushing Water in The Subside Area of Old Mine

Liu, Weitao*; Meng, Xiangxi; Zhao, Jiyuan

Evaluation and Prediction of Water Inrush in Deep – High Temperature Mine

Lu, Sophia Francesca Del Prado*

Best Practices in Small Scale Mining and the Need for Policy and Legislative

Lusunzi, Rudzani*; Gumbo, Jabulani Ray; Yibas, Bisrat; Obed, Novhe

Acid Base Accounting (ABA) Of Mine Tailings For The Potential Of Acid Mine Drainage In The Sabie-Pilgrim’s Rest Goldfields, South Africa

Mabuka, Thabo*; Govender-Opitz, Elaine; Harrison, Susan T.L.

Recovery of Value from an Electronic Waste Stream using a Biological Matrix

Mackenzie, Karen Linda*; Salmon, Ursula Sally; Woods, Michael Woods; Clerk, Edward

Assessment of Pressure Controls on the Release of Cyanide in Bleed Water from Gold Mine Tailings

Mahomed, Ismail*; Alipour, Mahmoud; Kessopersadh, Colleen

Furthering The Conceptual Groundwater Model For The Sarcheshmeh Copper Pit, Iran

Mäkinen, Annukka; Nevatalo, Laura*; Miettinen, Ville; Salokannel, Antti; Pieskä, Vesa; Aho, Anni; Kreivi, Pasi

Sulfate Removal From Gold Mine Effluent

Mashalane, Tlou Betty*; Novhe, Ntshengedzeni Obed; Yibas, Bisrat; Coetzee, Henk; Wolkersdorfer, Christian

Metal Removal from Mine Water Using Passive Treatment Technologies (Anaerobic and Aerobic) in the Ermelo Coalfields, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Masindi, Vhahangwele*

Treatment And Recovery Of Valuable Minerals From Acid Mine Drainage Using An Integration Of Calcined Magnesite, Lime, Soda Ash And Reverse Osmosis: A Pilot Study

Menéndez, Javier*; Loredo, Jorge

Mine water in the closure of a coal basin: From waste to potential resources

Miedecke, John George*

Mining for Closure at the Historic Beaconsfield Gold Mine, Tasmania, Australia

Mokgehle, Tebogo*; Tavengwa, Nikita

🎓 Sulphate Extraction From Acid Mine Drainage Using Zeolitic Materials Derived From Coal Fly Ash In Column Studies

Morton, Kym Lesley*

The WIN-WIN Solution To The Clean-up Of Mine Residue – An Innovative And Cost Effective Method To Reduce Acid Drainage From Mine Residue

Mpetle, Matsatsi*; Johnstone, Andrew

The Water Balance of South African Coal Mine Pit Lakes

Munoz Saavedra, Victor A.*; Shapka-Fels, Tia

R tools for Worldwide Hydrology – R Library: Hydro

Nekhunguni, Pfano*; Moseki, Kebuile; Tutu, Hlanganani

🎓 Sorption of uranium in a hydrous ferric oxide modified zeolite (HFOMZ) medium.

Ntwampe, Oupa Irvin*; Moothi, Kapil

🎓 The Effect of a Combination of FeCl3 and CaMg2.(OH)2 in the Treatment of the AMD.

Ochieng, Levi*

Determination of the Rate of Release of Nitrates from Waste Rock, Tailings and Kimberlitic Materials under Site Conditions – A Case Study

Opara, Ola*; Fudyma, Jane; Bowden, John; Adams, Jack

Enhanced Sulfate, Nitrate, Selenium, and other Metal Oxyanion Removal from Mining Wastewaters using the Electro-Biochemical Reactor (EBR) Technology

Plyusnin, Alexey*; Smirnova, Olga; Robinson, Paul

Storage and Processing of Acid Waste Waters of Mining Enterprises

Puell, Jorge*; Lazaro, Paloma

Solution collection system for a ROM leach dump: Design criteria to meet best available control guidelines

Puhalovich, Alan Anton*

Model Simulations of the Layered Development of Waste Rock Stockpiles, Progressive Moisture Changes and Potential Seepage Generation in a Low Rainfall Environment: Case Study of an Australian Mine Development

Rasilingwane, T.E; Gitari, W.M; Gumbo, Jabulani*

Integrated Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) using the Combination of Bentonite clay and Coal Fly Ash

Salifu, Musah*; Alakangas, Lena; Martinsson, Olof; Billström, Kjell; Ingri, Johan; Dold, Bernhard

🎓 Sr/Ca and 87Sr/86Sr: A Tracer For Geochemical Process In Mine Wastes

Santos, Renata*; Vila, Maria Cristina; Fernandes, António; Guimarães, Sara; Ferreira, Diana; Fiúza, António

Contribution of Data Analysis for the Environmental Study of Post-closure Coal Ash Landfill

Satterley, Christopher James*; Thorn, Peter; Davies, Susan

Potential for Co-treatment of Mine Water and Waste Water in Waste Water Treatment Works

Seal, Robert R*; Hoppe, Darryl A.; Piatak, Nadine M.

Comparison of humidity-cell tests of three different uranium mill tailings: Influence of geology and ore processing methods

Simpson, Gareth Beresford*

🎓 The Water-Energy-Food Nexus

Skagerkvist, Mio; Stahre, Nanna; Lotta, Sartz; Bäckström, Mattias*

Release of Trace Elements from Alkaline By-products in Contact with Different Acid Solutions

Sui, Wanghua*; Yang, Binbin

Qualitative and Quantitative Decision Making Model to Determine the Size of Safety Pillars for Mining under Sand Aquifers

Sukati, Bonokwakhe Hezekiel*; Annandale, John George; deJager, Pieter Christiaan; Tanner, Phil

🎓 Can Phosphate Be Used To Improve The Hazardous Status Of High Density Sludge And Transform It Into An Agricultural Product?

Sun, Yajun*; Xu, Zhimin; Cui, Siyuan; Gao, Shang

The Formation Mechanism of High Salinity Groundwater in Arid Area and Its Influence on Coalmines- A Case Study of a Coalmine in Xinjiang, China

Suvio, Piia Katariina*; Makinen, Annukka; Natri, Pekka

Advanced Electrochemical Water Treatment

Tonanga, Theresa*; Abertiawan, Muhammad Sonny; Irawan, Agus Bambang

Evaluation of Passive Treatment using Pistia stratiotes to Removal of Iron and Manganese in Acid Mine Drainage

Tutu, Hlanganani*; Mosai, Alseno; Nekhunguni, Pfano; Chimuka, Luke; Cukrowska, Ewa

Geochemical Assessment of the Accumulation of Gold in Fluvial Sediments of the Central Rand Goldfield, South Africa

Tutu, Hlanganani*; Mosai, Alseno; Nekhunguni, Pfano; Chimuka, Luke; Cukrowska, Ewa

Geochemical assessment of the accumulation of gold in fluvial sediments of the Central Rand Goldfield, South Africa

Valente, Teresa Maria*; Pamplona, Jorge

Monitoring of a public water supply system: A case of groundwater and surface water contamination by acid rock drainage

Van Aardt, Joanne Michelle*; Bowell, Robert; BéruBé, Kelly; Jones, Tim; Lusambo, Victor

Geochemical and Bioreactivity Assessment of Future Mining Operations at Mutanga Uranium Project, Southern Province, Zambia

Vasconcelos, Flavio Morais*; Zanetti, Caroline Sant’Ana; Soares, Adriano Marcio

Colloids and its Influence in the Water Quality Diagnosis of Tailling Dam

Vasquez, Shianny*; Cruz, Vicentina; Ramirez, Alberto

Geo-environmental integrated surveys to define the baseline and the source of toxic elements in the water and stream sediments, along the Upper Stream of Tambo River Basin – Peru

Vilela, Fernando*; Lima, Geraldo; Macniks, Jéssica; Ferreira, Juliene; Le Petit, Mark

Evaluation and comparison of kinetic tests performed with the ASTM D5744-e1 13 methods, EPA 1627/2011 and AMIRA, 2002 and proposition of a model with the disposition way.

Villa Gomez, Denys*; Hofmann, Harald; Zhang, Chenming; Williams, David

Application of low-cost sensors for analysis of AMD generation in tailings and bioleaching control

Wu, Changhong*; Abegunde, Oluseyi A; Okujeni, Charles; Petrik, Leslie; Siad, Abdi-Mohamoud

🎓 Application of Chemometrics in Predicting Heavy Metals Speciation in Mine Wastes

Xie, Zhong*; Dy, Eben; Orzatti, Marco; Qu, Wei; Mortazavi, Saviz

Electrocoagulation for the Treatment of ARD Water and their RO Rejects

Xu, Zhimin*; Sun, Yajun; Zhang, Mengfei

The Safety Management of Adjacent Coalmines after Mine Closure- A Case Study of a Closed Coalmine in Xuzhou Mining District, China

Yuan, Yuan*

The Research and Application on Waste Water Treatment at A In-situ Leaching Uranium Mine in China

Zanetti, Caroline Sant’Ana*; Vasconcelos, Flavio de Morais; Sousa, Rayssa Garcia; Silva, Marco Antonio

A new approach To Validate A Mixing Zone Study Of A Gold Mine Effluent