Mining is seen by many people as environmentally and ecologically unfriendly. This is primarily caused by media reports showcasing bad examples of unethical mining and past negative track records of the mining industry. Yet, the situation has changed globally and most mining companies are seeing themselves responsible for the sustainable use of earth resources. Though mining per sé cannot be sustainable, the entire production process from exploration to exploitation and remediation can be. The 11th ICARD shall therefore be the first “Green” Conference in ICARD’s history. This means that carbon offsetting will be achieved by planting an adequate number of trees. This tree planting can be used by the Sponsors for media interaction. In addition, such as the IMWA 2010 in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, the conference shall avoid plastic containers wherever possible, and the amount of garbage produced shall be kept to an unavoidable minimum. Each item produced and used during the conference shall be thought of from a “Green” perspective.

This includes making the conference a paperless conference as outlined below. QR codes and tablets provided on loan to delegates as well as allowing delegates to opt for a completely paperless conference will be provided.